The laptop that focuses on environmental protection:the shell uses consumption recycling plastic and the packaging is made of recycled paper

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Update time : 2022-09-05 11:51:54
Various details reflect the concept of environmental protection
      Acer has recently launched the Acer Hummingbird Future Environmental Edition. As the name indicates, the device is made using  PCR environmentally friendly materials.It is made of 30% PCR plastic (including the screen bezel, which is not neglected where it can be), giving it a concrete grey colour.
     *PCR stands for Post Consumer Recycled, which refers to the recycling of environmentally friendly materials from consumer plastic waste. By recycling plastic waste, more energy can be generated than by simply burning plastic or other household waste, and the need to extract fuels and produce new plastic is also reduced, resulting in double the energy savings and environmental friendliness.
 In addition to the 30% PCR plastic material used for the housing, the keycaps of the Acer Hummingbird Future Environmental Edition are made of 50% PCR and the entire surface is free of paint and stickers. This makes the Acer Hummingbird Future Environmental Edition free of any VOCs on the surface, which is more in line with the concept of environmental protection.
 Global industrialisation and the daily life of human beings have indeed brought about serious environmental pollution, which has caused great concern in countries around the world. For example, The European Union has introduced standards that by 2025, plastic products must contain more than 25% PCR material before they can be sold.
         The packaging of the Acer Hummingbird Future Environmental Edition is made of 100% recyclable material, down to the individual parts. For example, the outermost cardboard box is made from 85% recycled paper and the pulp molded pads that hold the laptop in place when the lid is opened are made from 100% recycled paper. In addition, the manual pouch, warranty instructions and accompanying eco sticker are made from 85%, 40% and 85% recycled paper respectively, and the entire package is free of plastic. The white velvet pouch for the laptop is also made from 100% recycled PET and still has a gentle feel as well as anti-scratch properties.

On top of that, all the printed text that appears on the packaging of the Acer Hummingbird Future Environmental Edition is printed with soy ink, which can be applied and completely decomposed into the natural environment.In addition, after opening the cover and removing the computer, the paper baffle of the power adapter can also be retained. Not only is it made of 85% recycled paper, but it can be folded into a triangular prism which gives the computer a certain tilt, giving the user a more natural view of the screen.

Overall, this is an electronic product that has been developed and designed from an environmental perspective in its entirety, and has some reference value. And in fact, more computers based on eco-friendly concepts are already on the way to development.

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